Saturday, June 13, 2020

The wonders of Copaiba essential oil

Get your spa in just a little bottle of Copaiba oil. The beta-caryophyllene present in copaiba oil makes it essential product to be added in skin treatments and spa. The Copaiba is a tree of tropical areas that grows in South America. The traditional healers of northern Brazil have used Copaiba trees for medicinal properties for hundreds of years.  Copaiba oil gives you perfect satisfaction and contentment on daily basis. Just give it a try and add it to your daily essentials.

Copaiba oil as a moisturizer:

Do you have a dull and dry skin? Do you need to moisturize it again and again? Are you just tired of your skin blemishes? Here is something for you, copaiba oil. Copaiba oil helps to get a youthful and radiant skin. Copaiba oil soothes the irritant skin by moisturizing the dry and patchy skin. If you want to get a youthful shiny glow, just take few drops of copaiba oil to your lightly scented moisturizer and apply it to your face or all body skin whenever needed.

Sweet scent of copaiba oil:

Want a delicate summer fragrance? Copaiba oil is the best choice. Copaiba oil has a unique sweet aroma. You can use it in your perfume as an alternative to other oils like Sandalwood oil or Cedarwood oil. You are going to love the sweet scent of copaiba oil. Believe me!

Copaiba oil in a diffuser:
Put Copaiba oil in a diffuser to see wonders. It will fill your room with the feeling of being close to nature because of its nature sounds.  Straight from the Amazon to your room, feel the experience of a rainforest hideout.  

During a massage

Having a hard workout? Relax your nerves with the benefits of copaiba oil. If you had a stressful day or a strenuous hike, your nerves need copaiba oil to calm down. After a You can use copaiba oil by diluting it with your favourite carrier oil and massage it on fatigued parts of body. You will really feel good. Just try!

Diet with Copaiba oil:

The presence of beta-caryophyllene in copaiba oil makes it a wonderful dietary supplement.  You can add copaiba oil in herbal teas to lose weight and to cut down the bulging out body fat. You can also put it in a capsule and take it orally.

Calm your feet with copaiba oil:

Having restless leg syndrome or painful feet?  You need to try this! Copaiba oil will make your feet relax and pain free in just no time. Put ¼ cup of salt, 2 drops of copaiba oil, 2 drops of essential oil and warm water in a small bowl. Soak your feet in this for arount 20-25 mins. This foot soak recipe of copaiba oil will help your muscles to relax and your pain will be no more. Try this!

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