Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Benefits of Copaiba Oil on your beautiful skin

What is Copaiba?
 The Copaiba is a tree of tropical areas that grows in South America. The traditional healers of northern Brazil have used Copaiba trees for medicinal properties for hundreds of years. Copaiba oil is actually the resin of the tree. 
Copaiba oil and happy skin:
Do you want a happy glowing skin? Then this is for you. Unveil the wonders of copaiba oil. Copaiba oil contains a molecule called beta-caryophyllene that interacts with cannabinoid receptors. This interaction causes the production of a happy hormone called beta-endorphin. Let your skin shine brightly. Let it Smile. Let it feel the happiness.
Copaiba oil and skin diseases:
Do you want to get rid of skin inflammations? Here is the solution for you. Beta-caryophyllene present in Copaiba oil is an anti-inflammatory agent. Copaiba is the safest oil for topical skin. It helps to treat chronic skin diseases, soothes and heals skin irritation. You can use copaiba oleoresin as an alternative to distilled oil.  The oleoresin contains diterpenes like kaurene, which is not present  in the distilled oil. Copaiba essential oil or oleoresin will find good use in any skin care formulation.
Uses of Copaiba oil for skincare:
Let’s unveil the unmatchable uses of copaiba oil for skin. Copaiba oil is ideal for skincare because it can be applied to any sensitive skin area. Following are the instructions to use copaiba oil in many ways:
Boosts collagen:
Copaiba oil boosts the collagen production. Collagen is a protein found in skin that’s helps to keep the skin tight and firm. You can use copaiba oil directly to the sagging or loose skin to boost collagen.

Improves blood circulation in skin:
Copaiba oil helps in the improvement of blood circulation which helps to get rid of the appearance of varicose veins. Vericose veins are present in the skin of legs which causes pain in legs. Massage copaiba oil on your legs to get rid of these painful veins.

Reduces Stretch Marks:
Copaiba oil can help to reduce stretch marks. Stretch marks are the skin scarring that is caused during puberty or pregnancy. You can get rid of these scars by simply applying copaiba oil on the skin.

Reduces face Acne:
Copaiba oil possesses anti-inflamatory properties that can help to reduce the redness or irritation around the acne.  What you have to do? You just have to take few drops of copaiba oil on a cotton ball and gently massage for for 3-5 mins. Let it for 2-3 hrs. It will instantly cure acnes.

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